Christoph Wahler wins again in Baborówko

The sixteenth edition of the Equestrian Festival Baborówko has ended. The riders completed the show jumping today, which determined the winners in four categories. For CCI2*-S, the final competition was the cross-country.

In the most important CCI4*-S competition for the prize of competition patron Roman Roszkiewicz, the lead was lost by Switzerland's Felix Vogg with his horse Colero, who dropped to fourth place in the overall ranking after jumping. The winner was Christoph Wahler and Carjatan S. Right behind him is the fourteenth in the World Ranking Belgian Lara De Liedekerke - Meier and Ducati D'Arville. The podium is closed by the best rider of Saturday's cross-country - Nicolai Aldinger and Timmo.

“It was perfect once again. My horse did everything he could this weekend. Good dressage, very very good cross-country and today he was a phenomenal jumper” - said CCI4*-S winner, Christoph Wahler.

In the second competition of the four-star rank for the Local Government Cup, the leading position was maintained by Austrian Lea Siegl, who with DSP Fighting Line achieved a score of 37.8 penalty points. She was followed by Germany's Jan Matthias and Wilbur Larch. In third place was Rebecca-Juana Gerken.

“I’m super happy with my horse. He felt really good also in today’s jumping. I’m so happy with him. He really tried his best and in the end it was a win” - said CCI4*-L winner, Lea Siegl.

The leader also stayed Swedish Louise Romeike, who completed the KUHN Agricultural Machinery Three Short Star Cup competition within the time standard and without errors on the obstacles. Anika Möritz finished second in the CCI3*-S, and Merel Blom-Hulsman finished third.