Three international competitions in Baborówko

In 2024, the Baborówko Equestrian Center will once again host international competitions in 3 equestrian disciplines. The hippodrome near Poznań (Poland) will host international competitions in eventing, show jumping and carriage driving.

The sixteenth edition of the Equestrian Festival Baborówko, which is an international competition in eventing, will be held traditionally in May (23-26.05.2024). During the event, CCI4*-L, CCI4*-S, CCI3*-S, CCI2*-S, CCI1*-Intro and CCIYH2*-S competitions will be held.

"This is a great competition. We feel at home here because there is a family behind it that really cares about the riders. The horses learn a lot thanks to such a variety of courses. Certainly the Baborówko Equestrian Festival is one of my highlights." - Olympic gold medalist Ingrid Klimke at last year's Equestrian Festival Baborówko.

Second among the international competitions will be show jumping. The Baborówko Jumping Show will take place on 09-11.08.2024 and will be a competition of CSI2*, CSI1* and CSIYH1* rank. During the event there will be two competitions included in the World Ranking. An additional attraction is the Baborówko Foal Auction of jumping foals.

"I really like it here, it's a great place. Good organizations, good weather, everything is perfect." - Latvian representative Kristaps Neretnieks during last year's Baborówko Jumping Show.

The international season in Baborówko will conclude with the driving. The Baborówko Driving Show will be held on 26-29.09.2024 and will again rank among the most important competitions in the world. Drivers will compete in competitions of the CAIO4*-H4 WCupQ, CAI2*-H4 and CAIO4*-H2 ranks. The best riders will compete for World Cup qualification, and the Polish team will again compete for a place on the podium at the Nations Cup.

"This is a world-class event. It is perfected in every tiny aspect. I feel very well here." - World Vice-Champion and Polish Champion Weronika Kwiatek during last year's Baborówko Driving Show.